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Our Impact Changing Lives For Over 40 Years

Our Impact

Over a quarter of the 13.3 million disabled people living in the UK say that they do not frequently have choice and control over their daily lives.

This has to change. Bendrigg Trust has a mission to promote inclusion, encourage independence and build the self-confidence of disabled and disadvantaged people, through the provision of adventure activities.

There are 3 key groups of people that our charity has a direct impact on :

Our Participants

Everyday we see the impact of our adventure residential courses for our participants. It’s no secret that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can work wonders for personal development. There are also a number of studies which show the benefits of being outdoors for mental health. People with additional needs, don’t often have the opportunity to experience outdoor adventure activities. So for them it’s no exaggeration to say that a trip to Bendrigg can be truly life changing.

Family members, teachers or carers often attend a residential alongside the participant – they too can gain a huge amount from the experience and by seeing this person achieve through adventure it often changes their perception of just what the person is capable of.

This video was created for the Bendrigg Trust free of charge by the wonderful team at Amphigean  

Our Volunteers


Volunteers really do get back what they give to Bendrigg. It can be a truly rewarding experience seeing the changes in our participants from their arrival day to the day they leave. People who volunteer often share the positive messages, increased knowledge and perceptions about the capabilities of disabled people into their working and home life too. This helps us in our wider mission to create a more inclusive world.


Our Bendrigg Alternative Volunteers


Our Bendrigg Alternative Scheme sees ex-offenders, or those at risk of offending, volunteering at Bendrigg. The impact on our BA volunteers can be truly life changing, as shown in Michael’s Testimonial tile below. For more information about the scheme click here.


Inspiring Impact

See It To Believe It

The impact of our work is often immeasurable, you have to witness or experience the magic for yourself to truly appreciate it. That’s why we encourage people who are interested in supporting or visiting us to arrange a site tour, come and meet us in person to really get a feel for our amazing work.

Impact Report

Each year, Bendrigg Trust creates an Impact Report to demonstrate :

  • How we are working to improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged people across the UK
  • The difference that our services have made to the lives of our beneficiaries
  • Our plans to improve and build on this impact in future

Click here to view our 2020 Impact Report

We also hosted our very first Impact Webinar which is available to watch on Facebook here.

In 2018 we released a very special 40 year Impact Report – showing the extent of Bendrigg’s achievements and impact since it all began.

Click here to view our special 40 Year Impact Report.

Benefits Of Outdoor Learning

Check out our guide for : The Benefits of Outdoor Learning which includes links to learning away videos and resources.


Our testimonial tiles below capture peoples experiences at Bendrigg Trust through text, photographs and videos, giving a great overall picture of the impact of our work. Click a tile below to hear from one of our participants, their carers/teachers or our amazing volunteers!