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Holly Peacock – Bendrigg Volunteer 2016

Before visiting Bendrigg Trust, my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award did not seem as superior as it does now I have returned.

Bendrigg Trust was THE best place to conduct my residential as not only did it enhance upon skills I already acquire, but it also allowed me to develop vital skills which I now believe will aid me in later life and the career path I wish to take.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award predominantly tests an individual’s physical ability. Bendrigg Trust allowed me to not just test my physical ability but also my mental ability. Patience, communication and organisation are just three of the many skills in which I developed through interacting with the children and giving my assistance in various activities. Although the days are tiring, the facial expressions of the children and the enthusiasm of the tutors makes everything so worthwhile and allowed me to feel rewarded for the whole duration of my visit.

The children are able to be involved in activities which may only be a dream to them in reality. The feeling of seeing children succeed in these activities is indescribable. For me, this is the most valuable feeling in which I will remember for years to come and is the main reason I would highlight when suggesting Bendrigg to other individuals doing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.