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Joe Weston – Bendrigg Volunteer 2016

Having completed each other section of my DofE Gold award I was left with choosing a residential. Not only can this be hard but many people can choose to put it off and therefore not achieve their award.

When I heard about the Bendrigg trust I knew it would be right for me. From just looking on the website I couldn’t believe what a unique place Bendrigg is. The variety of different activities it offers to disabled and disadvantaged people who may not otherwise get to experience such activities is remarkable. The way everyone’s needs can be accommodated is what makes Bendrigg so special.

After completing my five day residential I felt so fulfilled and rewarded by the experience. Being assigned to a group and working with them throughout the week made me feel part of the Bendrigg team. Working alongside experienced and friendly tutors meant that I could fit in easily, but learn valuable and new skills that I used in the following days. I really felt an improvement in my initiative and being able to help all of the students in the group by communicating individually with each of them. Gaining their trust over the five days and helping them overcome the challenges made the whole experience stand out for me.

At Bendrigg, not only will you be welcomed into an enthusiastic atmosphere and work alongside motivated staff, you yourself will be challenged. You will have to help the group meet their targets for the week and keep them feeling positive during their stay. Seeing the efforts of all the staff makes you want to work even harder to do the best you can and this attitude will help you go further in life and make the most of your opportunities.

You are never far from a friendly face to talk to, so don`t let being on your own stop you from achieving your potential. The facilities are excellent and the location is second to none.

The quality of the activities, the support from the tutors, the hard work of the staff behind the scenes and not to mention the cooking, all help the Centre to run smoothly.

You want your residential to be memorable, challenging and rewarding and Bendrigg is certainly the place to do it.