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Our Impact


Ellis’ Story – As told by his Mum & Dad

Just a quick note from us to you to thank you for the facilities and support provided for our son during his recent school trip to Bendrigg.

With our son being confined to a wheelchair with quite profound learning difficulties, we were obviously concerned as he faced his first trip away without us, his parents. We need not have, as he thoroughly enjoyed his trip, taking part in all the activities, with and without his chair (he particularly liked the ones that involved him being hoisted and swinging freely with no chair!!).

The support of the team at Bendrigg ensured there was no discrimination and he was able to take part in everything with his peers. It is often difficult to assess any levels of increased participation owing to his learning difficulties, suffice to say he recounted various tasks and adventures for days and weeks after the trip which leads us to believe his level of participation and enjoyment was right up there. Most tasks involved group scenarios and he loved being able to “play” with his peers in a stimulating environment, not something which happens on a daily basis to the extent of more physically able boys.

In summary we feel that Ellis’s trip stimulated him to the extent that we are looking for other similar trips in the future and would recommend the Bendrigg experience to all children who have the opportunity to sample it!