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Click here to view our Amazon Wishlist

If you would like to purchase an item rather than giving a donation our Amazon Wishlist is the perfect place to look. Sometimes all we need is a new pack of batteries, a new game for groups or a replacement map for one that has been torn. We’ve created a wishlist of items that would make a real difference to our groups, from general supplies to one-off pieces, all with an explanation of how it would be put to good use. Simply visit our wishlist, add an item to your basket and checkout. The item will be delivered straight to us by Amazon and you can feel good knowing that your donation will support more people with disabilities get into the outdoors. Do add a note to your order to let us know who it is from so we can thank you!

We recently had an amazing response from our Amazon Wishlist after an anonymous supporter offered to match all the adventure kit bought from our wishlist over a 10 day period. Photos of just some of the kit received from this ‘buy one, we get one free’ promotion are shown below.

Click here to view our Amazon Wishlist