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Jane’s Story – As told by Penny, Group Leader

Jane had a difficult and disruptive childhood in care and subsequent violent and abusive relationships. We believe her first experience of real respect and choice has been at Springfield. The chance to take part in challenging activities at Bendrigg came just at the right time for her. Not only was she challenged physically, but her own image of herself as incompetent and lacking physical ability was challenged too.

Jane is a pseudonym but she is a real person (now moved on to her own accommodation and still being supported through outreach). Jane also subsequently volunteered in the kitchen at Bendrigg and this too was an amazing experience for her, boosting her sense of self worth and giving her the chance to feel a real part of a team (again we think for the first time).

Jane, who lived at Springfield for eight months and participated in a residential weekend at Bendrigg, said

“It was beyond words. It was just …. like nothing I’ve ever done before. I have actually done something that I never, ever thought I could, but I did!”

There is nowhere like Bendrigg for us – we wish our residents were able to go on a much more regular basis! It’s a new experience for many and they invariably come back with fresh confidence and achievements to fill them with pride.

The gentle encouragement of the instructors and the way you work at Bendrigg is completely in accord with our own ethos here at Springfield and we always feel confident that what our residents experience with you builds on what we put in place here.