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Jill’s Story – As told by Kate, Jill’s care worker

A few years ago, I brought a group up to Bendrigg for the day. The weather was awful and the usual activities we had planned were changed as a result and we ended up using the sensory room.

One of my clients, Jill, was feeling extremely depressed. Some years ago she had been diagnosed with diabetes and as a result of the condition had lost her sight. She desperately missed seeing her flowers growing in the spring and the wind blowing in the trees. All the things we take for granted, as sighted people, she had lost.

We went into the sensory room and relaxed in the darkened space. We used the music projectors and light equipment. After around 15 min she called me over and I saw that she was crying. These were not tears of sadness but tears of joy as she was able to see the bright lights making patterns in the room for the first time in years.

She was overjoyed with the whole experience; so much so, she told everyone about her experience and with help from her family they created a sensory room in the spare bedroom that they could enjoy and share quality time together.