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Benefits of Outdoor Learning Learning Away & Brilliant Residential Reports

At Bendrigg we see the benefits of a successful outdoor residential experience every day; in terms of building confidence, forging relationships and increasing self-esteem, but you don’t have to take our word for it. The benefits of Outdoor Learning are now well documented. The Learning Away report supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has particularly thrown the real-world benefits into the spotlight, the updated ‘High Quality Outdoor Learning’ document from the English Outdoor Council identifies 10 key outcomes of outdoor learning and a report in partnership with the Institute of Outdoor Learning compiled evidence about the effectiveness of outdoor learning from over 50 individual reports.

Learning Away Reports Downloads

These documents are available to download and show the impact of learning away.

Learning Away Final Report 

Make The Case

Their confidence has increased. They hold themselves in higher esteem. We’re very good in schools at judging on levels and recording achievement based on targets. Camp showed them that we’re able to value them in different ways. Staff Focus Group, Learning Away Report

Learning Away has shown that a residential learning experience provides opportunities and benefits/impacts that cannot be achieved in any other educational context or setting. The impact is greater when residentials are fully integrated with a school’s curriculum and ethos. Learning Away Final Evaluation Report, York Consulting 2015

Before going on the trip I hated school, but now I just love it. I love to learn about maths, literacy and science. Primary Student Focus Group, Learning Away Report

This was a first residential for almost all of our students. The most worthwhile aspect was seeing their self-confidence and self-esteem rocket! Mayfield School visit to Bendrigg, March 2016

Learning Away at Bendrigg

The ‘Bendrigg Experience’ is unique. We combine our 6 core values to challenge perceptions of disabled and disadvantaged people through adventurous activities, aiming to give all our visitors lasting memories. From learning to make your own bed to taking your first journey in a canoe, Bendrigg staff are with you every step of the way to promote enjoyment, build confidence and character, increase health and well-being and develop social and emotional awareness. Click here to see the fantastic range of activities we have to offer!