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Mission, Values & Impact Our Mission, Values & Impact

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Bendrigg Trust specialises in delivering high quality courses for disabled and disadvantaged people. We aim to promote inclusion, encourage independence and build self-confidence through the safe provision of adventurous activities.

We do this through a variety of residential and adventure-based activities. From the minute a person arrives they are supported and encouraged to do as much as they can, from making their own bed and helping at meal times, to pushing themselves to reach that little bit further up the climbing wall or taking their first canoe trip on open water. No matter what a person’s perceived abilities, we gently support and encourage them to challenge themselves throughout their stay.

Our Values

We have 6 core values which run through everything we do.

We believe in:


We listen and empathise; working together to support and value everyone for the part they play

Solutions not Problems

Everyone is different. With a flexible approach, we adapt and encourage everyone to achieve their potential

Safety and Risk Benefit

Everyone’s wellbeing is paramount in everything we do and we believe in the benefits of adventure and learning to manage risk.

The Outdoor Environment

We value our natural environment. Together with our visitors, we foster a sense of appreciation and environmental responsibility


As a specialist centre, we are forward thinking, pioneering and continually developing to ensure we remain a leader in our field

Outdoor Learning

We believe in the long term benefits of outdoor learning and the essential part it plays in the growth and development of our visitors

Our Impact

In 2018 we celebrated our 40 year anniversary and along with it, created our first ever Impact Report.

It’s amazing to see just how many people we have enabled to achieve through adventure over our 40 years as a small charity, and as we look to the future, with all of this in mind, we are very excited to see where Bendrigg will be in the next 40 years.

Click here to read our very special 40 year Impact Report