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Our Staff Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Qualified

Staff at Bendrigg are one of our greatest assets

The dedication and enthusiasm of our highly trained staff makes Bendrigg Trust a special place. We are lucky to have a committed team, many of whom have been at Bendrigg for a significant number of years. Our Office staff will help you with your enquiries throughout the bookings process and beyond, our experienced Tutorial staff will support you for your Bendrigg adventure and our Domestic team make sure your stay is as comfy as possible with great home-made food to keep you going. The expertise of our staff comes from continuous training and development, both internally and at National Governing Body level, backed-up by years of practical experience. You can find out more about the Bendrigg family below.

Every single member of staff goes that extra mile to ensure that my role as Project Leader is made as easy as possible and that the children and young people achieve a huge amount whilst having the time of their lives.

Your staff are fantastic, so understanding and caring and the love of their job shines through


Nick is the Principal of Bendrigg. He first came to Bendrigg as a volunteer in 1995 - little did he know that 22 years later he would become the Head of the Centre!


Pip is Nick's black Labrador puppy. You're likely to see him out and about at lunchtime and he loves to play!


Dave is the Senior Tutor with a strong belief in supporting people to grow through meeting challenges.


Jonny is a Tutor. He holds the belief that memories are better than dreams.


Libby is Senior Cook (pictured on the left with Val)


Emily is our Artist in Residence and helps groups to bring out their creative side. She is also setting up a local 'Scrapstore' and glamping site


Vicky is a Tutor and has been at Bendrigg for 5 years. She loves being outdoors playing (almost) whatever the weather!


Oya’s favourite day of the week is Monday as it means coming to work and making friends with the latest visiting group!


Sarah is the Fundraising & Marketing Officer and joined Bendrigg in 2015. In her spare time she likes to walk her dog Lara and bake chocolate brownies


Val is one of Bendrigg's cooks (pictured on the right with Libby)


Sue is our Disability Advisor and Volunteer Co-ordinator. Even though she feels she has been part of Bendrigg forever, she still maintains her Yorkshire humour


Jo is our Bookings Administrator.

Liz B

Liz is one of Bendrigg's Tutors. "Being outside makes you happy inside"


Leanne is a Trainee Tutor and has worked at Bendrigg since early 2017. "I believe nature is the best therapy. Love my bikes, climbing, yoga, wild camping and micro adventures"


Craig is a Tutor and a big kid with expensive toys! As an outdoor instructor, mountain bike guide and kite surfer his mantra is 'Work Less, Play More'


Steve is one of Bendrigg's cooks. He was previously a Tutor.


Ed is the Site Supervisor.


Jenny is a Tutor and Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator.

Liz D

Liz is a Tutor.


Gill is Bendrigg's Bursar and has been at Bendrigg since 2010, athough it feels like longer! She is an avid skier and a reluctant runner.


Lynne is our Bendrigg Alternative Co-ordinator. She first came as a volunteer and 28 years later...she is still here!


Mel is a Tutor.


Evie is a dog and belongs to Mel.


Lee is a Tutor.


Jennifer is a Housekeeper.


Vini is a Housekeeper.


Rex is the Activities Co-ordinator.


Carolyn is a Cook.


Stig is a Tutor.

Steve G

Steve is a Tutor and enjoys offering opportunities for people to enjoy, and surprise themselves


Vic is a Tutor.


Ross is a Tutor.


Kathryn is a Trainee Tutor.


Haydon is a Trainee Tutor.