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Ben’s Story

During late 2016-2017 I worked as a volunteer at Bendrigg over several different periods, seeing the extraordinary job they do. The benefits this place has on people and the joy it allows people to have is priceless, thus taking its place in my heart forever.

Bendrigg BA Scheme was genuinely one of the best experiences of my life and it made me realise so much about myself and how much I was taking things in life for granted.

The staff are so positive and have an aura of fun. Over the course of a week you can see the younger people taking part on the residential come out of their ‘shell’ and grow in confidence. Some of these people may be less advantaged than others in certain ways but they don’t dwell on it at all, they just enjoy life and ‘the moment’ for what it is. A lesson we can all learn from.

– Ben BA Volunteer