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Go Nice Places Do Good Things

“There was a time when we had a lot more free time, we worked in outdoor shops and got ourselves kitted out. We travelled, did some routes and life was good. Then our gear started falling apart, we were no longer students and we balked at the cost of replacement kit. We realised the passing years had taught us something, we had the skills to create something new.

And therein lays the story of how Alpkit was born. Born out of a passion for the outdoors and not accepting the price of high-performance gear.

Ordinary people trying to make some thing extraordinary.” – Find out more about Alpkit on their website here.

“Alpkit are proud to support the Bendrigg Trust with donations from our Continuum project. We believe in the same things. We believe in helping to remove obstacles between adventurers and the outdoors. At Alpkit, our motto is ‘Go nice places, Do good things’; which is exactly what Bendrigg and their wonderful network of volunteers do.” Elly Cundill – People Coordinator


Continuum Project


We are really proud to be supported by Alpkit through their continuum project. It’s a great initiative where people can donate their second hand outdoor gear either to the Alpkit Headquarters or in an Alpkit store. Gear is then sorted and sent on to various charities, including Bendrigg, who can give the gear a second life! Items include everything from sleeping bags to outdoor clothing.

The team at Bendrigg are looking forward to welcoming the team from local Alpkit stores for a tour of our facilities very soon and are excited about our new partnership.


Thank You

We are really grateful for Alpkit’s support through the continuum project kit donations. Many of the people who visit us here at Bendrigg do not have the financial means to purchase outdoor kit, by having a good selection of fleeces, waterproofs, walking boots and other gear, we can ensure that everyone who comes to Bendrigg can take part in the activities on offer safely and comfortably. This really does make a huge difference. Thank you so much.


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