Richard Cloudesley School Trip 2022

“Coming from an inner London school to Bendrigg is like stepping into an oasis.

Our trip gave Richard Cloudesley pupils the opportunity to join in outdoor and adventurous activities that are simply not available locally for people with physical disabilities. We have used several residential facilities in the past and Bendrigg is the only place that is truly accessible. The ‘how do we make this happen’ ethos means it is truly inclusive. Everyone can do everything; they don’t provide alternatives they provide access and adaptation. Anything you need, any barrier you’re looking to overcome, you can guarantee they have thought of it already.

Top class facilities need top class staff and that’s the kind of people you find at Bendrigg. Their expertise, enthusiasm and hard work was extraordinary. They worked tirelessly to make sure we had the best possible experience, the planning and organisation of activities perfect.  Pupils felts safe and supported so joined in enthusiastically.

And when you’re tired from all that canoeing, climbing, tube sliding and swinging then a hearty meal is just what you need; the catering matches the quality of the accommodation and activities.

We came home exhausted and elated, that’s exactly how you should feel at the end of a school residential.

Increased confidence and self-belief are definitely evident, and we have memories we will never forget.”

Cloudesley pupils said:

“We’re living the high life” – Kia


“This is five star” – Faith

“Would we recommend it to anyone else?  Too late, we already have!”


Young person being assisted to fire an archery arrow, smiling from ear to ear














Thank you so much to all of the pupils and to Chris Smaling, Deputy Head Teacher from Richard Cloudesley School, London for such heart-warming feedback from their recent stay at Bendrigg Trust.

Residential Breaks At Bendrigg Trust

We offer a range of residential breaks for people of all abilities here at Bendrigg Trust, from Schools and Colleges to Charities and Sports Clubs – our 64 bed centre provides the perfect base for a fully accessible residential break.

We have a range of amazing activities on offer from Canoeing and Climbing, to Caving and Cycling and (the best bit!) we use specialist equipment and over 40 years of experience to ensure that EVERYONE can take part in all of the activities.

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