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Bendrigg Lodge Refurbishment

Bendrigg Lodge Refurbishment

The Bendrigg Lodge was an old hunting lodge, purchased by the founders of Bendrigg Trust back in 1976.

Several extensions and developments have taken place over the years which have created the wonderful Bendrigg Lodge that we all know and love. But with a growing staff team and more groups with profound disabilities visiting our centre, the Lodge is now in need of a refurbishment.

The Bendrigg Lodge, really is the heart of Bendrigg and over the years it has seen 1000’s of participants through it’s doors. We would love to be able to give it the make over it truly deserves and bring it up to the same level of accessibility as Acorn House for our guests to enjoy.

Update : 14/02/2020

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback via our online form.

We are currently revising the feedback from our existing customers and researching into ideas for the Lodge Refurbishment.