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Bendrigg Trust is a residential activity centre specialising in high quality courses for disabled and disadvantaged people, of any age or ability.

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As a registered charity we receive no government funding and rely heavily on donations. Without these donations we simply would not be able to help people achieve through adventure.

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For over 30 years, volunteers have supported our staff to challenge perceptions of disabled and disadvantaged people. Over 150 people volunteer at Bendrigg each year, on a day-by-day or residential basis.

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From the blog A tale of Bendy Pot 14th September 2017

“I had seen first hand the limitations put on people with disabilities, when I knew that with the right help, a tiny bit of encouragement, plus a sprinkling of that magic that is intrinsically part of Birmingham PHAB camps – that there was virtually nothing that couldn’t be achieved. It was with this in mind that I FLATLY DENIED Joel from going into the depths of the mines of Moria… or, depending on the translation… Bendrigg Lodge’s “Bendy Pop”…or “Bendy Pot”…look the name doesn’t matter – the point is – this pitch black, catacomb like, tight maze of stone with its confusing twists, turns and level changes had been a challenge even for my lithe and sinewy frame.”

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