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Who We Are Our Vision Is For An Inclusive Society Where Everyone Is Equal

We believe in equality

Bendrigg is a registered charity (508450). For over 40 years, Bendrigg Trust has provided adventure residential courses for over 87,000 disabled & disadvantaged people throughout the UK.

Promote Inclusion…

We provide a range of adventurous activities, led by highly qualified & experienced Tutors, for all ages and abilities. We are constantly developing our equipment, grounds and facilities, to ensure that everyone can access everything they would like to.

It is the only place I know of that could deal with such a diverse set of needs and for everyone to have a good time.

Jolly days

Encourage Independence

The residential experience itself helps to encourage independence but we also encourage people to do as much as possible for themselves. Our tutors work with individuals throughout the course to encourage them to make their own decisions, helping them to take ownership & responsibility.


I cannot express enough how amazing this residential is for our students at Wilson Stuart School. They have experienced amazing activities and experienced what it is to spend time away from family and carers. Independence is at the forefront of what we do at school and Bendrigg Lodge has advanced their opportunities as well as trying new things.

Build Self Confidence

Through the safe provision of adventure activities, we gently support people to face their fears and get outside their comfort zones. Often this means achieving things they may have never thought were possible. This becomes a powerful tool for personal growth during their time at Bendrigg. It is the hope that this confidence is then transferable back home making a positive impact on their daily lives.

This has been a fantastic experience for our young people that has built their confidence to try every activity and engage socially with other young people, we have had beaming smiles and lots of laughs!


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