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A specialist Learning and Development company that works with corporates to develop & deliver e-learning and blended learning programmes.


Make The Complex Simple

Amphigean is a specialist Learning and Development company that works with large, often multinational corporates, to develop and deliver tailor made e-learning and blended learning programmes.

Our team is passionate about helping people maximise their capability and we support a number of charities that are focussed on education and giving individuals opportunities that otherwise they wouldn’t get. We are proud to support and be associated with the team at Bendrigg Trust.

Our relationship with Bendrigg began a number of years ago. We support the Trust with a full team effort. One year we spent a day renovating the sensory garden, the next we provided the grounds with a spring clean prior to an open day.

Our latest contribution is the production of an animated video to help promote the impact of the services that Bendrigg Trust delivers to its participants.


Gifts In Kind

The team at Amphigean decided to close their physical office, in favour of working from home and kindly donated over £5000 worth of nearly new office equipment to Bendrigg!

The donation has come at the most perfect time for Bendrigg, as we would have had to spend funds to purchase new equipment – instead, due to the generosity of the Amphigean team, we are able to use the funds towards our charitable activities instead.

Volunteer Day

Amphigean Ltd are one of our valued corporate partners who regularly come to Bendrigg and volunteer as a team.

For 2 days this week, Amphigean supported us once again by coming in to give our office a spruce up with some decorating and also our fantastic new Bendifolk for our display boards!

Thank you so much to the team for doing such a fantastic job! We absolutely love our lovely new office.



Bendy Folk Illustrations

From the very beginning of the Bendrigg Trust, we’ve had our iconic ‘Bend folk’ figures which represent the different activities we offer and are used as a communication aid for our visitors.

The initial characters were hand drawn and have been in circulation here at Bendrigg since the very start. We were delighted that Amphigean were able to support us by giving our Bend folk and upgrade into the digital era.

We updated the Bend folk illustrations in such a way that preserved their hand drawn charm but also brought them into the digital age. The originals were redrawn and several new illustrations were created for new activities in the same fine line style using a Wacom drawing tablet. This was one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on, it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to modernise such a beloved character.

– Caitlin Elliott, Amphigean Graphic Design

Breathing life into Bendifolk


Reboot Campaign

At the beginning of 2021, Bendrigg were preparing to reopen after over a year of closure due to the pandemic. The Reboot Campaign saw local businesses and individuals donating money, gifts and services in kind to support the “Reboot”. Bendrigg also required volunteers in order to get the grounds and buildings back up to scratch and ready for the first residential visitors since closure in March 2020.

Amphigean stepped up to support the campaign with a generous donation of £200 and also arranged a group of employees to come to Bendrigg and volunteer for a day, sprucing up our trainee and volunteer accommodation.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to return to Bendrigg and help them with their Reboot Campaign to get the centre back up and running. It was also a fantastic opportunity for the whole team to get together in person, working out in the beautiful countryside.

‘Reboot’ for Bendrigg Trust



The “Bendrigg Experience” Impact

As a charity, Bendrigg has to demonstrate it’s impact to it’s many supporters and potential funders. As part of a project to better demonstrate the Impact of the Trust, Amphigean supported Bendrigg with the creation of this amazing animated video. The video was shared as part of the charities “Big Give Christmas Challenge” fundraiser, where in just 7 days, the Trust were able to raise £21,828!

Delivering Impact

Volunteer Support



Volunteer Support

This is our second year of supporting Bendrigg Trust and this time couldn’t have been more different than the sweltering heat of last year. But as usual, the team got stuck in and we achieved a huge amount on the day. We also got a complete tour of the facilities by Kate and this reinforced why we offer our time as a business to such a worthwhile organisation. They really do make a difference to everyone who uses the facilities

Managing Director, Pete Simpson

An adventure at Bendrigg Trust



Volunteer Support

The Amphigean Team came to Bendrigg on a glorious sunny day in 2018 to offer their support with revamping our Sensory Garden!

Thank You

The team at Amphigean are amazing! We are blown away by their support and are so grateful to have them as part of the Bendrigg Family. Everything they do really does make a different to our work and charitable services and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you so much to all the team for their continued support.

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