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Taster Weekends The Bendrigg Experience

Taster Weekends Try Out The "Bendrigg Experience" Before You Book

Taster Weekends

Our Taster Weekends for group leaders run throughout the year and are a great chance to see the specialist facilities, sample the food, try out some activities for yourself and meet some of our knowledgeable Tutors to discuss your exact requirements. Our Taster Weekends normally run from dinner time on Friday to around 3pm on a Saturday so they don’t take up the whole of your precious weekend and we try our best to tailor them to your needs. At just £30 inc. VAT to cover the costs of administration, they are truly the best way to sample the Bendrigg Experience. Taster weekends are for group leaders only and not suitable for potential participants.

Taster Weekends are suitable for any new groups wanting to experience Bendrigg for the first time or for groups who haven’t been to Bendrigg for the last 2 years and want to see our new facilities and activities.

Our next Taster Weekend will run on Friday 8th March – 9th March 2019 – Contact us now to book your place!