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Used Stamp Appeal

Raise funds with old stamps

Used stamp appeal

It doesn’t matter if they’ve already been used, what class they are or whether they are British or foreign – we can use them all to raise funds.

Stamps are sorted by volunteers and are sold by weight, but if we can identify any valuable stamps they can be sold for a higher price. We can also collect and raise funds from really old envelopes and postcards if they are sent to us whole. We receive around £11 per kilo for British stamps and £20 per kilo for foreign stamps.

How to sort your stamps

It makes our volunteers job easier if you can cut the stamp off the envelope, leaving around 1cm of envelope or packaging around each stamp. Please then separate your stamps into British and Foreign.

Feel free to drop your stamps into Bendrigg in person or post to:

Bendrigg Stamp Recycling

Bendrigg Trust

Bendrigg Lodge

Old Hutton