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Accessible Vehicle Fund

Your contribution is more than a donation; it is how we will work towards a more inclusive society. By filling in the donation form below, your gift will support the purchase of a new accessible vehicle.

Bendrigg’s minibus fleet currently consists of 6 accessible vehicles of varying sizes. Together these vehicles give us the flexibility to get all of our service users, including up to 15 wheelchair users, to various offsite activity venues such as canoeing in the Lake District or caving in the Yorkshire Dales. Each vehicle has a life-span of around 12 years, during which time they clock up thousands of miles transporting people on adventures they never dreamt possible. This means a new vehicle is required every other year to replace an old one.

Our Accessible Vehicles

Green Bus – Our ‘ET’ Green bus was funded through the Lord’s Taverners and a grant from the Morrisons Foundation in 2016.

Blue Bus – Our Blue bus was funded through the Department of Transport and the Community Transport Association in 2017.

Red Bus – Our Red bus was funded through a collection of donations from individuals, our 2018 Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign, local Rotary clubs and Bendrigg’s own funds in 2019.

‘SE’ White Bus – Our ‘SE’ White Bus is due to be replaced in 2020 as it reaches it’s 13th birthday. This is our largest and most flexible vehicle and is therefore likely to cost in the region of £60,000 to replace. All donations through this page will go towards the replacement of this vehicle.  

Transporter – Our smallest current minibus is due to be replaced in 2022. Funding for this will begin after our ‘SE’ White Bus has been replaced.

‘PX’ White Bus – Our ‘PX’ White Bus is due to be replaced in 2024. Funding for this will begin after our ‘SE’ White Bus and Transporter have been replaced.

Bendrigg is a fantastic place to make everyone feel equal as we can all participate in activities – all go caving and all climb – having accessible minibuses makes this experience perfect! Each group can jump on a bus and start their day without wasting time relaying people back and forth. A big advantage is that wheelchair users in my group don’t feel more disabled or feel they have to apologise because their chair is large or because they can’t transfer. – Emily, 3H Fund Leader

By donating to Bendrigg Trust you are directly helping disabled and disadvantaged people to build their self-esteem, develop independence, increase resilience and truly achieve through adventure. You can read more about the impact our work has by clicking here.

If you would prefer to direct your donation to another project, you can donate to our Bendrigg Bursary Fund or our Equipment Fund.

Thank you for your support – the adventure starts here.