Author: Sarah


Vacancies at Bendrigg Trust, Kendal, Cumbria for Trustees – to help take forward the work of Bendrigg Trust.

A boost for Bendrigg

A group of plucky Playdale staff members, collectively known as the Playdale Paddlers, undertook a kayaking challenge back in July this year. Their challenge (that they chose to accept!) was to kayak the 11-mile length of Lake Windermere all in aid of Bendrigg Trust. Despite incessant rain on challenge day from beginning to end, the Paddlers not only completed the course but completely smashed their target time! They paddled the 11 miles in just three hours & twenty minutes, a truly fantastic achievement!

A tale of Bendy Pot

“I had seen first hand the limitations put on people with disabilities, when I knew that with the right help, a tiny bit of encouragement, plus a sprinkling of that magic that is intrinsically part of Birmingham PHAB camps – that there was virtually nothing that couldn’t be achieved. It was with this in mind that I FLATLY DENIED Joel from going into the depths of the mines of Moria… or, depending on the translation… Bendrigg Lodge’s “Bendy Pop”…or “Bendy Pot”…look the name doesn’t matter – the point is – this pitch black, catacomb like, tight maze of stone with its confusing twists, turns and level changes had been a challenge even for my lithe and sinewy frame.”