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Jamie Andrew Patron of Bendrigg Trust

Bendrigg Trust Jamie Andrew

Jamie Andrew is a mountaineer and quadruple amputee who, despite having no hands or feet, has made some amazing ascents all over the world. As well as his mountaineering endeavours, Jamie has also made many other remarkable achievements, raising thousands of pounds for charity along the way. This includes helping Bendrigg raise over £16,000 with our 2016 BBC Radio 4 Appeal and over £32,000 as guest speaker at our 2017 Bendrigg Ball. Jamie’s support in these fundraising events has been invaluable and we are so pleased that he has agreed to be a Patron of Bendrigg Trust.

It is my hope that my experiences and achievements may in some way inspire others to tackle the obstacles they face in life and to achieve their full potential.

Jamie’s Story
Jamie’s great passion in life has always been mountaineering. At the height of his climbing career, tragedy struck unexpectedly when his climbing partner, Jamie Fisher, and he were caught for five days in a terrible storm after completing the North Face of Les Droites in the French Alps. The ensuing helicopter rescue was one of the most spectacular in the history of the Alps and made news headlines around the world. Unfortunately the rescue came too late for his climbing partner, Jame Fisher. Jamie Andrew survived despite severe frostbite and hypothermia. Later in hospital, his hands and feet had to be amputated. Since then, he has not let having no hands or feet stop him from achieving his goals. Most recently he became the first quadruple amputee to successfully climb the Matterhorn.

It seems to me that our greatest limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves. I want to encourage others to throw out these misconceptions and to be all they can be.

For more information on Jamie, visit his website or grab a copy of his award winning book “Life and Limb”.

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