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Ben’s Story My Bendrigg Experience

Ben's Story My Bendrigg Experience

As told by Mathew Cook, Underlay Garden School Teacher

One of many success stories so far is a young man that has severe autism, cannot cope with change, OCD tendencies, and has fear of heights and vestibular and sensory issues. This causes many RPIs [Restrictive Physical Interventions] in school but with the way he has done the indoor cave, archery, climbing wall, rope swing, sensory room, attempted to do the zip wire and even watch children do the abseiling we are amazed.

We started slow and he was shown the climbing wall and the approach the staff took with him was fantastic. He allowed the staff to put his equipment on and he went up the climbing wall on the second attempt, unaided, which is massive progress. This has had a positive impact on his whole learning as he is more settled in school, less RPIs have been necessary, his concentration span has increased as well as his social skills with other young people and staff.

This is one of many successes we could talk about, so our thanks go out to the staff and trustees of Bendrigg for this.