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Caving Weekends Head out for an underground adventure

Caving Weekend
13th-16th October 2017 – Cost: £210

Advanced Caving 10th-13th September 2017 & 13th -16th September 2017
Cost: £440 participant, £340 sighted guide

The majority of these courses, with the exception of the Advanced course, start at 5pm on Friday and finish after breakfast on Monday. We will do some surface training in the evenings and have two expeditions underground. Each of the underground trips will last a few hours. As an indication of effort levels, each trip involves a similar amount of effort to a days hill walking.
The advanced course will start at noon on Sunday 10th September and finish after breakfast on Wednesday. The first afternoon and evening will be spent learning ropework (single rope technique for descending and ascending vertical pitches) on site at Bendrigg. The second and third days will involve expeditions underground. this course is for people who would like to learn some more advanced caving techniques and to attend this course you must have attended at least one of our caving weekends. Due to the advanced nature of the skills being taught the group will be very small, 2 participants and 2 guides with 2 Bendrigg instructors. This does make this course more expensive than our standard courses. We recommend you book early. We will be based at the main centre where the accommodation is modern and accessible. These weekends are very popular and fill up quickly.